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Landscape Construction And Hardscaping

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DRS Lawn & Landscape is Penwelly and fully insured Long Valley NJ based landscape and lawn maintenance firm providing commercial and residential property Landscape Construction Services in Penwell NJ including:

  • Masonry Work
  • Custom-built ponds
  • Lawn Installations/Renovations
    (Seeding or Sodding)
  • Fence Installations
  • Stone driveway Repairs
  • Mulch, Stone, Topsoil Delivery
  • Tree Spade Service – (1) 40″ & (1) 54″ spades
  • Land Clearing
  • Stone Veneer Masonry
  • Heavy and Light Excavating Work
  • Jobs Punch List Specialists
  • Low Voltage Lighting

Planting shrubs along a wall

Hardscapes, Stone Veneers, & Masonry – Our Specialty

If you hire DRS Lawn & Landscape we guarantee a beautiful indoor or outdoor living space. Concrete and stone structures are our forte, and we will take your property and make it our own. Built with care, the best quality craftsmanship, and concentration on details, our hardscapes, stone veneers, and masonry projects will never fail to pleaseLandscapes can increase the value of your property, and your outdoor environment becomes an extension to your house, therefore, it is our goal to bring together your landscape in a way that reflects your style.

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